Download Your POSITIVE MINDSET CARD SHEET by Clicking on the Link Below.  

 Best Use Instructions:  

These cards are designed to get you thinking about what makes YOU happy and what gets you in a positive mindset. Here are some suggestions for using them effectively:

  1. I recommend that you print up the sheet in color if possible ( you might want to use a thick paper or light cardstock) . 
  2. Fill in the blank on each card with one or two words that resonate with you. You can print more than one sheet if you want but you might want to start with one. 
  3. Then cut out each card and place them in locations where you are likely to see them throughout the day such as next to your bathroom mirror, on your car's sun-visor, near your front door, in your wallet etc.  
  4. Make up a new set of cards every week for 1 month.  Don´t throw the cards away, hang on to them 
  5. After 1 month consider whether some locations were more effective than others, and whether some cards were more effective than others. 
  6. Now you have at least 4 versions of each card. You can continue to create a new set every week  (good for staying creative and solution focused), or you can choose to use the ones that resonated the most (good for reinforcing particular ideas or feelings), or you can mix and match depending on how you feel. 
  7. Remember this is about YOU and what makes YOU happy. The more positive your mindset the better your life will be and the more open you will be making choices that are RIGHT FOR YOU!

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