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I am not a licensed professional and do not represent myself as a licensed professional of any kind.
I have developed my site content and my services with the goal of being of service to my visitors and clients. I only recommend or offer such services, activities, programs, modalities, etc. that I strongly believe can benefit my clients and visitors.  As far as I know, nothing I recommend can have any deleterious or negative effects on people in good physical and mental health. That being said, everyone is different and we all have our unique sensitivities, therefore, if you have any questions, any specific sensitivities or concerns, or any hesitation at all, please consult an appropriate licensed professional or health practitioner before undertaking any new activity or engaging any new services.

It is the user/client's responsibility to determine whether he or she should seek out appropriate professional advice before undertaking any new activity that might have physical, psychological, or material consequences including, but not limited to, such suggested activities as the use of Brain Wave Entrainment technology, listening to self-hypnosis recordings, taking on a new exercise routine or making a change to your diet, making material changes to your life, or contracting the services of a coach, trainer, a mentor, or other third party support person.
If you have any doubt at all, any questions at all, or are under the care of a physician or other health professional for a physical or mental illness or condition, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR HEALTH PRACTITIONER BEFORE TRYING ANY NEW ACTIVITIES THAT MIGHT AFFECT OR HAVE AN IMPACT ON YOUR CONDITION.

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