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Thank you for visiting this page and for your interest in a free coaching session!

interact one-on-one with me online for some real Conscious Life-Design coaching:

This is not a 20 minute sales pitch from some authorized surrogate. If we are a good fit and you get one of the free introductory coaching spots, you will have my undivided attention for up to an hour and a half to discuss your current challenges and you coaching goals.

Whether or not we end up working together, you will come away from our introductory session with actionable information  and a better understanding why you are where you are and  what you need to do next. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain .

"Take this opportunity to talk about your greatest challenge and discover what your next step should be so you can get started with creating YOUR AMAZING LIFE!" 

To be considered for a One-on-One Coaching session please include answers to ALL 3 questions below*:

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    Where did you first hear about conscious Life-Coaching an​d/or this website?
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    What do ​you hope to get out of life coaching?
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    What topic or challenge would you most lie to discuss in our session together?

* I read and reply to all messages. Spots are limited and an application does not guarantee a free session but if I think we are likely to have a productive time together I’ll send you an invitation with some proposed dates and times.

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