25 Benefits of Holistic Life Coaching

25 benefits of holistic life coaching

Holistic Life Coaching has many benefits if you are looking for fundamental change.  Holistic Life Coaching is a process that can be applied to improve virtually any area of your life, whether you feel stuck in a rut or are struggling with change. Often an event, a crisis, or some kind of situation acts as the catalyst that will cause someone to seek out the help of a coach, such as a major life transition (divorce, retirement, career change, empty nest issues, etc.), other career or business success situations, interpersonal relationship issues, or spiritual issues. But you don’t have to be in crisis, coaching can be very personally rewarding even if you are just interested in exploring your human potential and getting to know yourself better.

In my experience, the benefits of life coaching fall into two broad categories:
The personal changes or life improvements that result from coaching or successful self-coaching;
The additional benefits derived from working with an actual coach ( as opposed to self-coaching).
Everybody’s experience is different, of course, but the following two lists should provide a good overall snapshot of the positive, life-affirming effects of Holistic Life Coaching.

15 benefits that can result from successful Holistic Life Coaching:

In no particular order:

  1. Direction
  2. Purpose
  3. Self-confidence
  4. Self-reliance
  5. Self-awareness
  6. New skills and tools to help you continue forward independently
  7. A better understanding of your own creativity and how to use it to shape your life.
  8. Trust your intuition
  9. Faith in yourself and the Universe
  10. Motivation
  11. Energy
  12. Compassion
  13. Love
  14. Strength
  15. Personal power


Pretty powerful and inspiring, right? There really is no limit to what you can achieve when you find your purpose in life and allow yourself to be guided by it.

You would expect to experience at least some, if not all, of these benefits. The area that you focus on most will tend to dominate but with Holistic Life Coaching, you are likely to see improvements in other parts of your life as well, that’s why it is so powerful.

Self-Coaching vs working with a Holistic Life Coach

Self-coaching is always an option if you have the discipline, but the truth is that self-coaching is quite challenging. Even professional coaches will generally seek out the help of other coaches rather than work on their issues alone.

As human beings, we cannot be truly objective about anything, much less our own personal challenges. We tend to go either too easy or, more often than not, too hard on ourselves.

It is difficult to act as our own sounding board, to avoid judging ourselves, or to call ourselves out on our own “stuff”. Even more challenging, is serving as our own support network.

That being said, if you choose the self-coaching route, there are some great resources out there such as courses, books, videos, etc. that will greatly enhance your chances for success. If you can, I would highly recommend finding a good coaching buddy; it will make your self-coaching experience much more rewarding and effective. It is absolutely possible to successfully coach yourself, but that is definitely the more difficult way to do it.

10 benefits of choosing to work with a Holistic Life Coach :

  1. A clear process for achieving your objectives
  2. Accountability
  3. A Sounding Board for your thoughts and ideas
  4. Support and encouragement
  5. Someone to call you on your “stuff”
  6. A Mini-Mastermind with someone who is as focused on your goals as you are
  7. Honest feedback
  8. Someone to suggest alternatives and point out options
  9. A safe and receptive environment in which to grow
  10. A positive space in which to explore new ideas and test new strategies

It is easy to see why so many people choose to work with a coach. They have access to someone who listens, who won’t judge them, who is in their corner, and who is working with them create the life they desire. During a session, a coach’s only purpose is to work with the client on the client’s personal growth and the objectives they have set together. What’s not to like?
Coaching simplifies the process of figuring out what you want and how to get there. Results will always depend on your own commitment to the work but having a coach will help keep you honest with yourself as well as hold you accountable to the process and to the decisions you have made. A good coach will challenge you without judging you. The right coach paired with the right client is an amazing formula for success. With a coach, you will speed up the process and avoid the pitfalls of working alone.

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